Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Justin Ashton at Jagged Edge

Tonight was my first experience hearing Justin Ashton (Justindarkside) sing in SL.  Just wow.!  He played piano and sang a string of ballads and was a huge crowd pleaser. His musical talent is clear and he sounded amazing.  He came highly recommended by Toxie Darkmatter another great singer in SL and she wasn't kidding .. this guy is great.  Be sure to check him out when you get a chance. Well worth seeking out.  If you hurry you might still be able to catch a bit of his set tonight. He's currently doing a medley of Queen songs.  Nailed them all!  Serious talent here.

Justin Ashton

His profile indicates he's just a couple of months into SL but that's just since he's come back to SL  this time. He has a bit of a sexy Scottish accent when he speaks : )

His profile states: "Justin is a singer/songwriter from the south west coast of Scotland.  An accomplished performer in RL over the past 30+ years, and SL over the past 7 years, Justin's Piano and Acoustic Guitar sets are a spirited blend of Classic Rock & Pop, Folk and Ballads. Bookings: Please contact Justin directly"

Jagged Edge is a live music venue for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing setting with great music owned by Keileigh and Jorr Jarrman, owners of Whispering Sands Live Music.  They host many musicians and great live music shows.  Check it out here:
Whispering Sands Live Promotions here:

Justin Ashton

Monday, January 1, 2018

...and a happy new year!

...and a happy new year!

Happy New Year to all of Second Life.  After all these years and hours together SL has become a part of my first life. This past year I went to my first SL music jam, meeting many SL residence in person. This somewhat restored a little faith in the reality of people. Sometimes it's hard to remember that everyone enjoys SL in their own ways, weather that be "role play", real, or pretending to play real but in a reality they've created that doesn't match their first life.  I enjoyed new bento mesh heads and various enhanced newness this year, I've met a lot of new friends, but also lost some special ones in their pursuit of more time and  a higher quality first life. I'd like to greatly thank Linden Labs and Second Life for making this amazing place where the only true limitation is the imagination. And I'd like to thank all the content creators, musicians, artists, venue owners, people who promote, social people to play with and everyone I've come across. Not 100% of my time has been the best, but I've learned something from even the disappointing experiences. The good outweighs the frustrations by far. Here's to wishing everyone a fantastic and adventurous 2018!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Second Life New Years Resolution List for 2018

If you've followed my blog for long you know I almost always do a New Years SL Resolution List.   I thought it would be fun to compare my first list from 2010 to how I am feeling this year.. 7 years later and see how successful I've been.  So here goes:

2010 # 1) Be a better friend. Focus on the one I'm with (which might make it hard to be a better friend to those IM'ing me while I'm focusing on the one I'm with, but I'll work it out)
   Some years I do better with this than others. I'll keep this one on the 2017 list for 2018. I'm not the greatest friend in SL partly because my SL contact/friend list is huge and I don't like to drop as although I value all my friends a lot, I just don't have much time for everyone.. but don't want to lose contact by dropping.  I also don't get so close to very many any more.  And finally some of my very best close friends have either left SL completely (KATHY where are you?) or have slowed it down to not being in hardly at all when I am.  Also I like to move /bounce around a lot which isn't great for getting close and my computer sucks right now which also is horrible when with friends and can be frustrating for them too.. sound/video is bad etc.

2) Always remember to wear clean underwear.... errr.. any underwear for that matter. (Stems from finally realizing the hard way that all SL men know how to cam even if they are noob and can't do anything else, and a realization that not all designers make underwear that covers everything)
   This one has come full circle for me... Once things went mesh many designers were adding in auto undie huds.. awesome and thanks to the designers that do this.. BUT, I've been noting many still do not and to top this off some of the dresses/skirts actually do not allow for mesh panties under their clothes and if you try to put some on, they stick out/through, thankfully there is the beaver patch (tiny panty looking tattoo to cover the bits or that spot anyway) to put on with these/ sold on marketplace. ) Stays on the list.

3) Don't take SL so serious that I allow myself to get overly upset, jealous, angry, or down on myself. I'll try to save those emotions for RL and just have fun in SL, as it should be. Don't worry be happy... and all that.
   I will never ever get this one right.  I've tried.  I've I can't force this in 7 years.. prob just not gonna happen. Off the list for 2018.. I give up.
4) Think of and change my password to something other than "password".
    Been changed a million times.  I'm not so noob now. Off the list. Success.

5) Try to be at least a little productive and not all just about me-after all it's the creators, workers and givers that make SL what it is for everyone to enjoy.
     Since 2010 I've been super productive in SL, however the past 2 years I've been very lazy and NOT been SL productive, but I am at the point where I think that's ok for now. I'll leave this on.. prob time for me to enjoy doing something productive again.

6) Exercise and eat right... o wait, that's for the other list. Ah what the heck, I like to exercise and eat in SL too-I'll leave it on the list.
    Same old.  Stays on.

7) Try to organize my abyss of an inventory... Hahahahahaah NOT--*scratching from list as deemed not possible SL*
    This is NEVER going to happen... some times I try, but it just overall gets worse and worse.. BAD.  sill waiting for LL to create some magical cloud storage .. is that possible? I'm not techy so idk.  Always on the list.

8) Budget spending--ROFL.. again.. scratching off list ...same reason (see 7). Adds: Continue to be the great bargain shopper that I am! Yay for bargains!
   FAIL I give up .. off the list. Won't happen.

9) Try not to tell the same stories and jokes at every get together... like SOME people I know.
   After being in SL so long.. sometimes this happens, especially when meeting new victims, I mean residents to share with .. however this one was never really about me at the time it was written.  Not needed atm.. off the list. Success?

10) Try harder not to keep IMing some ONE in particular in a hopelessly pathetic manner trying to get attention.
   Different year, different someone.  Almost over it though .. for now. Prob will happen again with a different someone again at some point.., I've learned in SL, never say never.  I'll leave this on the list as a reminder.

11) Try something new as often as possible.
Hmmm turned out to be an even 10, maybe top 10 at that.. once I eliminate number 7 which really really does need to be scratched.
    In SL it's ALWAYS a great day for me to try to do, see, or experience something new. I'm finding it a little harder to find that for myself in SL though since I have been in so long. I've always said if I ever get too bored I'll head over to Builder's Brewery  and take a free class to make or do something, however that day really hasn't come yet.  I have sat in on some of their classes for fun in the past but I really don't build much, only mod a bit.  New sims and experiences are great.. need more of something new and amazing though, and the people are always different and new so that keeps it fresh.  Always on the list.

Do I have new resolutions? Meh.. if I think of something I'll add it here.  Other than breaking down and just buying a new computer which is #1 on my priority list and IDK why I'm procrastinating it now that I've decided to do it.  I would like someone who truly knows,  to tell me which is the best gaming desktop for SL though.  (under 2k please) If you follow me you know I constantly fight my computers no matter which one I'm using. 

And a quote to keep me motivated:

Mark Twain
"New Year's Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."

If you are curious about some of my past New Years Resolutions here are some links to them (I am mostly dong this so I can find them more easily in the future lol, but thanks for reading if you made it this far.) They really haven't changed much and mostly have a few additions or subtractions.  Here's hoping you are happy with and stick to your new year's resolutions in SL!

2016: I gave up in 2016 lol /last year.. but I enjoyed and I went with the sentiments expressed on this popular meme:  If you don't like links I'll just quote it here: "I'm not making new years resolutions this year, nobody likes a skinny sober bitch anyway." 

I'll end with this.....Happy New Year!

New Years Meme for the blog

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Flickr Friends!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. May the season bring you peace and love to last. I've linked My Grown Up Christmas Wish. Please remember or learn about the reason for the Season.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide SL 2017, Kara's Recommendations

Kara's 2017 Second Life Gift Guide Recommendations

I have been doing an annual SL gift idea guide for years now and I am doing a last minute one here now because there is so much great stuff and ideas in SL to share with friends and loved ones. It can be hard to think of ideas sometimes especially for the person who has everything but here are a few of my favs.  I guess at this point this can be considered a last minute Christmas gift giving guide. LOL.  Anyway many of the first items are well known ideas but scroll further down for some more original or unique ideas.  (I will prob add to this list too)

1. GAMES! A few of my favs include:
 Cards Against Humanity (this one is free!):
Speed Bump for groups of 4 or more by Brainz Torment inworld:

2. Clothes and accessories. This can be a great idea especially for women or for ladies to buy for their men who don't like to shop.  Some of my fav brands are
Just Because:
Deadwool for men:
Jewelry Earthstones:

3. A homemade gift.  You can never go wrong with this idea.  Some ideas are pictures, possibly framed or in photo books (various types and prices on marketplace or inworld), or an intelli factory system for making books or photo calendars-the system is a little expensive but you can mass produce your own products to give to many and can be used for other things such as promoting your business or sim or group etc.  You can also buy templates for clothes on marketplace and texture them special for friends.  If anyone wants a free copy of a book I made in SL for gifts a few years ago just ask me and I'll send you one.

4. Specially planned fun time or date.  This can really be a great gift if planned right.  Some people you can even schedule a dinner or cruise or special event that needs to be schedule in at a specific time while others like me aren't a huge fan of locking myself into a set time/date due to being busy RL so you can figure out something that's right for each individual depending on their likes and how they enjoy their SL time. Some of my fav fun times include inworld game places that include carnivals, bowling, game rooms, duck races, car and motorcycle track driving, dancing (tons of formal or casual places to go in SL or just buy a nice dance for home), skating, surfing, a game (such as a real SL football, wrestling, or other game), movies at a inworld theater or together at home with a good TV, private time in the Jacuzzi with candles, foods and maybe a date Truthball or Chatterbox game followed by the animations in the Jacuzzi, some calming beach vacation, plan some sim explores as there are many romantic, nature, artistic and amazing sims, hang out at live music shows or dj shows dancing and chatting with friends, putt putt or golf, visit some art galleries, tribute concerts, role play sims,  and sometimes I personally also enjoy just hitting up a good animation store like Abranimations which has some great funny, fun toys, dances and animations to play on.  You might find something you'd like to buy too.  Sometimes its fun just to share Youtube videos back and forth or FB memes or make a couples pose photo to share of Flickr or Facebook or challenge each other to make a certain costume then take pics. There are also some amazing dance shows in SL, theater, magic shows, comedy, book clubs, etc.  You could also introduce a friend to learning to make or do something new over at Builder's Brewery.  Most of the shows and events can be found in SL events or by googling whatever you look for then add Second Life at the end.  It also can be fun to visit a Madpea experience (some are hunts and others are more game-like or challenges with some amazing explore experiences)  together, which depending on their current event can take hours or days or some can be completed in fairly short time.

For movie night I highly recommend XControl TV.. I really can't say enough great things about this TV, it can be small for home or huge for a large group of friends, drive in, backyard, etc..just have to try it.. amazing:

For sim explores and various other fun things use the search button or scroll on my blog or click on one of my recent images and go to my Flickr for some sim explore pictures, or visit the SL Destination guide which is categorized well and shows new places too: And if you didn't already realize it or are new SL has a HUGE Facebook and Flickr presence where you can always get great info. on current events, new sims and products with photos, details, links all while communicating with or making new SL friends.

For live music I recommend checking out Whispering Sands Live Promotions Web site (or get on their daily mailer schedule list)

For Madpea:

5. If you want to buy an actual gift here are some fun quality ideas
-For musicians, event planners, artists who have shows, etc singer/musician, Gab, made this super cool brand new release Virtual Performer Hud, that handles most the things a performer or event presenter will need to manage all in one hud, check it out here:
-For photographers there is the well known LumiPro lighting system found here:

6. If you are on a budget and don't know what to make or do or don't like the ideas above.. you can always make the rounds for the free holiday freebies as there are ton of really great ones out right now and store group gifts.  Here is a link to a great blog SL Freebies:  There are also a lot of wonderful hunts right now too.  Check out Hunt SL:
Gacha's are also inexpensive yet fun items that can be re-gifted and even boxed up nicely for gifts, and here is a recent blog post about some shopping:
I also especially enjoy the Jian gacha type things that include pets and animals that are super cute.
For residents who have premium membership don't forget to pick up your free gifts from Linden Labs. The winter gift is super cute so gift yourself from SL:

Then there are always the fun things to do for someone you live with or have rez rights with which I will outline my favs here. (this might spoil my fun for future ppl I get close to like this but then again.. that prob wont happen again LOL so I'll go ahead and share)  here you go.. enjoy:

Here is a list of fun things to do for a friend or loved one in SL. Most require that you have their land build rights to leave items as a surprise for them to find, but some you can just send to their inventory or plan/do with them. These ideas are great for special events such as Valentine’s day, birthdays, rez days, congratulation times, holidays, etc. Some of the items you can make yourself with a photo editing program (I use Picmonkey free online and download the images into SL for 10L) or purchase on Marketplace. Most can be accomplished very inexpensively.
1. Leave giant semi-transparent hearts filling a room. Purchase off market place inexpensive and color pink/red/make them somewhat transparent and phantom so the person doesn’t get lost or is unable to see when they rez in and they are able to walk through them.
2. Leave sticky notes purchased on Marketplace or home made in a photo editing program.
3. Leave a love note or friend letter and pen on their table.
4. Leave toilet paper rolls and tp the room (with or with/out hearts & I heart you on the paper)
5. Leave a cutout person image (of yourself?) possibly holding some sign saying I love you, I miss you, Thank you, get well, etc.
6. Leave a card
7. Fun pranks : Fill the house with water and float some floaties and a toy duck on the water
8. Drip paint down the walls and floor and leave a paint can/brush maybe paint hearts /initials etc graffiti with hearts, your initials or names etc. (purchase off Marketplace or make in a photo editing program or use mine)
9. pranks:   Leave an exploding something like TNT or exploding barrels or furniture or one of those activation teddy bears that do stuff when clicked or turn all the pictures upside down, or furniture, or leave some incriminating (porn) magazines laying around or blow up doll.
10. Hearts, balloons, flowers
11. Leave writing in the sand or snow.. via stones or sandwriter (Marketplace)
12. For guys it might be easy to buy clothes, jewelry, make a card
13. Think of something they like in rl and get it in SL such as a specific model of vehicle or bike they might have in RL
14. Make and leave a photo album or a photochange scene picture of images you’ve taken of the two of you over time
15. Leave some of their fav brand wine or foods or drinks, (can make these with alpha cutouts if needed)
16. Plan a picnic
17. Plan dates: duck races (search my blog for info/video), putt putt, greedy/games, then formal dancing, maybe a cool explore sim and take pictures, home to hot tub or movie, truth ball, go to a carnival, ride bumper cars, bowl, skydive, go to a drive in, skating rink, live music show, visit the Titanic where there is dancing, scenery, and a great front of the ship pose for pics, dance or other entertainment show etc.
18 Ask others what their ideal date in SL is
19. Ask others what their fav gift in SL was
20. Send a teasing amusing personal note after they have logged off so they get it when logging in
21. Carve the names/initials in a tree trunk (Marketplace product) or make in photo edit program
22. Make a dance or other fun video together or take posed/prepped pictures-post to Flickr/FB/YouTube or give them in a frame
23. Go shopping together if both like to
24. Make a tattoo with their name or both your names
25. Make a special YouTube song list just for the two of you.

Mystical Fae Forest

Here is a fun sim explore, not really holiday related but very artsy and photogenic.  Use, their windlights, then try others.  Be sure to click on things.. some very interesting things.. I'll leave it to you to find them : )  It looks like it's owned by Zuma Jupiter.  Enjoy.  Visit here:

(click a pic to get to my Flickr if you want to see more pics, there is a lot in the sim that was great that I didn't take pics of too.. a LOT)
Mystical Fae Forest Mystical Fae Forest Mystical Fae Forest Mystical Fae Forest Mystical Fae Forest

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Great Give Back

Visit The Great Give Back here:

This is an awesome event. I spent some time here yesterday and it's still going on today until 10pm SL .. so hurry on over for some great music, 22 free gifts, a free prize raffle, an amazing sim to explore and enjoy and some fun company.  As you can see much of the SL music community is involved and the idea behind the event is just good music by the musicians giving back to the patrons.  There are no tips jars set out and its all free to all to enjoy.  What a great Christmas gift and fun idea. 

The event note info. states: "This is an Event for al the venue owners and audience who support us singers every single day of the year ...There will be no tip boards no venue donations ...there however will be raffles and gifts for everyone who comes and just two days of music for you to enjoy throughout the season ..Merry Christmas Everyone !! ♥ Thank you for all that you do ! WE LOVE YOU !! ♥"

Chillee Hernandoz has organized much of this on the cool sim, Extasia.  Their sim info. states: "HUGE Mansion with private rooms, Beach, Islands, Clubs, Undersea ruins, Pandora forest and much more! Everything is Free for your use and best quality and anims in SL.  Come explore the sim and have a great time."

The Great Give Back